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Product Organic tapioca starch
Origin Thailand
Organic certification Board Bioagricert Reg. EU 2092/91
Bioagricert Reg. the NOP-USDA Organic Standards

This Product is GMO free,
and being organic at its origin.
Test Items Technical Properties Analytical Method
Appearance White Powder Visual Inspection
Starch Content 85% min
Moisture Content (%) 12.0-/-1.0 5 grams of sample are dried at 105 degree C for 4 hours
pH 5.5+/-1.0 pH Meter (5% starch solution)
Viscosity (B.U.) 550 min
(Plate Type)
40-95 degree C, 6% starch solution by Brabender Viscograph (700 cmg, Plate Type)
Ash (%) 0.3 max 5 grams of sample are dried at 600 degree C until light gray ash result
Foreign Matter (ml/100g) .1 max residue on 200 mesh test sieve for solution of 100 g. sample
Crude Protein (%) 0.3 max Kjeldahl Method
SO2 (ppm) Non SO2 Rakine Volumetric Method
Whiteness 95 max Kette model C 100-3
Toxicity & Odor Non Toxicity & Odor

Microbiological Analysis
Test Items Method Results Units
Total Plate Count USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Jan 2001, chap 3 31,000 CFU/g
Yeast & Mold USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Jan 2001, chap 18 200 CFU/g
Bacillus cereus USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Jan 2001, chap 14 90 CFU/g
Coliform USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Sep 2002, chap 4 Less Than 3 MPN/g
Staphylococcus aureus USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Jan 2001, chap 12 Less Than 3 MPN/g
Salmonella spp. USFDA, CFSAN, BAM online, Jan 2001, Chap 5/EIA Absent Per 25 g.

Packaging: Bags of 25 Kg. of 4 Ply Paper Bags
Bags of 850 Kg. PP woven bag
Preservation & Storage: Dried and Fresh areas.

Contact address:
Southeast Asia Organic.
CPP Group Building
Bangchan Industrial Estate
36 Moo 14, Seri Thai Rd.,
Minburi, Minburi,
Bangkok 10510

Tel : (662) 540-3595
Fax : (662) 540-3597

Email: chat@sea-organic.com

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Halal Halal
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